Ganga Developers

A short visit to Google will help you understand better about one of our clients “Ganga Developers” who engage in providing end users and real estate investors the desired level of integrated service in the field of real estate property management. They also venture into providing services such as Turnkey solutions, Advisory Services, Marketing and Confidential Reporting.

Project Requirement

Such a plan of action was to initiate a marketing campaign to target NRIs to invest and buy their property. To put forth this plan into immediate effect Ganga Developers approached our company Awesome Advertising. The team at Awesome Advertising took it upon themselves as a great challenge and looked to explore various avenues as to make the campaign a success.


It was eventually decided that giving call-outs over Radio and Print Advertisements will eventually set up a vital chain to track down and achieve the desired target level.

Planning and Deliverables

Lulu Centre was then selected to be the place where our team would eventually organise a promotion and activation campaign. The campaign went onto produce extraordinary results and was a resounding success. A two day property registration promotion was also held at Time Grand Hotel Conference Hall. Ganga Developers were extremely satisfied both with our advertising company’s idea to release call-outs over Radio and Print as well as the way in which the campaign was conducted.

Return of Investment

The campaign was such a rousing success earning a record ROI of 30X to the initial investment by Ganga Developers on the Marketing Campaign, and that’s the strength of our team, that we only believe in record ROI’s to our clients campaigns.


The client testimonials that we received paved way for more clients to follow. Ganga Developers considers the campaign to have had a positive effect on their overall organisational structure and has helped them in taking a great step ahead and plan for their near future.