Padippura Restaurant

Our next major client was that of a Restaurant that went by the name Padippura. The problem that this Malabar based Resto-Bar located in UAE faced was the lack of customers who frequented the place.

Project Requirements

The company needed some severe re-branding strategies to help increase its brand recognition and customer rate. Enter Awesome Advertising.


Our company came up with a various suggestions and plan of actions and finally decided on, what we termed as “Eli Sadhya”. Sadhya, was a term akin to the food served in Kerala and since the restaurant went by its Malabar culture, the notion was to serve complete Kerala style food which under normal circumstances were a speciality on the occasion of Onam and Vishu.

Planning and Deliverables

The suggested plan was to serve Sadhya during the occasion of Eid and the platter consisted of Biryani and other Kerala delicacies. Our team members once again felt that it was best to promote the idea through Radio and Print Mediums and the plan worked effectively. Repeated insertions were given in FM radios that caught the attention of the public. This plan was done keeping the local demographics and the population in mind. The strategy was a great success.

Return on Investment

Padippura Restaurant was able to increase its customer rate to a better extent and the footfalls began to disappear one by one.


The sole reason could be attributed to the outstanding designs developed by our creative teams to be published in print mediums and the radio jingles that irked up nostalgic memories in the minds of the audiences thereby initiating an interest to try “Eli Sadhya”. The owners of Padippura Restaurant were left delighted at the turnaround of prospects that they promised us that they would be extending a partnership such that all future strategies could be worked out by us to favour the restaurant. The promotional undertaking would be solely attributed to our company in the long run.